Nevada Peer Support Network

Providing resources and support to our Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, First Responders,
Veterans, Hospital Professionals, Military Personnel and their families . . .


Founded by a group of Firewives to help our fire families, our community and support each other when life happens.
We are a group of women that are always available to answer the call when help is needed, be it little or big.

Significant Others Support Groups

Mariah Erickson

phone: 775. 440.0646 email:

Mariah Erickson is the founder of The Northern Nevada FireWives! In 2013 Mariah asked a group of Firewives to help her support a family with a terminal illness bring a smile to their home with a gift basket delivered by RFD. This small gesture has turned into so much more, helping out in many different ways. ​

Married to a Reno FD operator, Mariah has a huge passion for helping our community in many different ways. Having the support of the fire family nothing seems impossible. We are a group of women that have come together to help our departments, our community and our extended family! Nothing is too big or too small to receive our attention.
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24-7 COMMITMENT is a 501(c)3 corporation in the state of Ohio, and now a federal non-profit on a mission to make happier marriages, families and first responders. Our organization has created resources specifically for marriage and family of first responders that never existed before.

And brought together a community of peer support and accountability to keep our marriages strong and our firefighters focused on safely and skillfully doing what they love as a firefighter.