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Providing resources and support to our Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, First Responders,
Veterans, Hospital Professionals, Military Personnel and their families . . .


Family Support Resources

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The job of a law enforcement officer is often stressful, demanding, and dangerous. The lifestyle and culture of law enforcement affects more than just the officers. Spouses, partners, parents, children, and companions of law enforcement officers play an integral role in an officer’s health and wellness. Families are a support system for their loved one in law enforcement, but they also need support themselves. We at the IACP would like to share information and resources and connect individuals to learn more about the benefits and challenges faced by law enforcement family members.                   Go To Site

24-7 COMMITMENT is a 501(c)3 corporation in the state of Ohio, and now a federal non-profit on a mission to make happier marriages, families and first responders. Our organization has created resources specifically for marriage and family of first responders that never existed before.

And brought together a community of peer support and accountability to keep our marriages strong and our firefighters focused on safely and skillfully doing what they love as a firefighter.

First Responder Support Network  Significant Others and Spouses Go To Site

FRSN is a community of first responders working to help other first responders. •  FRSN has helped first responders and their families recover from traumatic experiences for over 20 years. Our goal is to help them live fuller and healthier lives by offering a new perspective on stress and providing resiliency skills for improved long-term coping.

•  FRSN is a collaboration of emergency service peers and family members, mental health clinicians, and chaplains who collectively volunteer more than 54,000 hours each year.
•  FRSN is committed to diversity and anti-racism and offers an inclusive and safe space for every first responder and significant other.

We encourage you to contact us if you or someone you know is in need of assistance, or if you want to help first responders and their families by becoming a volunteer or supporter!