Here is my story from a firefighter:

I personally have been going through some challenging life problems. I was sitting at home pondering, thinking, and asking myself why won't my brain shut off. I had not been sleeping well and I woke up early.

I decided to look on the Peer Support web site.

I found right on the front that there was an Intro to Mindful Meditation. The class was that morning and I had been wanting to do something different because what I had been doing was not working. I signed up and went down that morning. I did not know what to expect but everyone was warm and welcoming.

After the first class I knew that this was something I needed in my life.

The experience and the knowledge of the instructor was helpful and professional. I ended up taking some time off from work to make sure I didn't miss the next class. I didn't want to miss anything. Part of the class that I didn't expect was the connection between the students. We are all working on our challenges and by the last class we had all developed a comfort and trust amongst each other. We didn't want to see it end. We were all wanting the next class. It only seemed like we had scratched the surface.

Personally for myself the class opened my mind to a better way for me to be. I am focusing on being more mindful and living in the moment. I am working to have self compassion and to have loving kindness. Meditation has given me a tool to help me along my path in a healthy way. I am so glad I looked at the Nevada Peer Support Network web site that morning. If I had not I don't think I would be where I am today. At the beginning of a new journey.

This is just my short story from a firefighter.

Thank you the support.